Team-as-a-Service (IT Outsourcing Services)

Choose from the most vetted and talented engineers to serve your IT needs and run your services uninterruptedly while taking off weight from the shoulders of your in-house teams.

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What is IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is a business practice to provide convenient solutions to global enterprises to meet talent demand. External service providers oversee all technology functions and business procedures remotely like handling software development, product support, maintenance, etc.

Outsourcing helps to provide professionals across the world that may be short in supply or are locally unavailable. IT Outsourcing Services offer plenty of benefits like reduced overheads and expenses, the ability to upscale, significant time savings, uninterrupted workflow, and much more.

What We Do?

Take full responsibility for the talent co-sourced to you as per your business requirements and ensure to engage, scale, and structure the team as per the project goals and expected outcomes.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Self-Managed Teams
  • Full Outsourcing
  • Partial Outsourcing

Team as a Service

The entire process of refining the global talent is run keeping in mind the customer's choice.
Brilliance is blended with skills to deliver high-end outsourcing services.


We figure out your It requirements and assemble a team and set up knowledge transfer.


We hold onboarding sessions and make sure the talent is aligned to the project promptly.


We adjust the team size and structure as and when required, accommodating your business convenience.

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